Beauty Intrigue: Orgaid Skincare Sheet Masks

As you guys can already tell I love a good skincare product and my asian beauty products mixed with other drugstore brands and euro products are my go toos. Low and behold from looking through different brands and seeing a mention in Yoga Journal, I found out about Orgaid sheet masks.

I love the three different types and the all organic ingredients that make it up, I havent tried it yet but I want to. The two of them that looks intriguing are: Greek Yogurt that is the nourishing one and Vitamin C that is the brightening one.

The Nourshing Greek Yogurt one's ingredients include: Organic aloe vera leaf juice, lactobacillus fermenet, organic greek yogurt powder, organic lavender, vanilla fruit, Hyaluronic aid, beta glucan, vit b5, organic thyme, green tea, rosehip and chamomile extracts. As well as among others...
At $42 for 6 sheets, these are practically a luxury, a bit on the expensive side but the ingredients are well worth it.

The Vitamin C and Revitalizing one's ingredients include: Organic Lemon, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C from Ascorbyl, Arginine, Organic Rosehip, Lavender, Pomegranate and Thyme extracts. Among many others.. This would be great for brightening a dull looking skin texture and tone. Here.

~Kaye Beeh~

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  1. Now I'm curious to try them out! Thanks for sharing.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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