Burberry Makes The Cutest Accessory of All Time!

We all can see that accessories are really making the outfits happen and have people shook! Well, the ongoing trend is bag charms and this one I definitely have been doing for a really long time before it became the "IN" thing to do. (I am telling you, next to my love of Military Jackets and Bag Charms, just what is next that I have already done, but I digress....)

We see the popularity with Fendi Bag "Bugs", Prada Bears, MCM monogram teddies, Furry Raccoon Fur Charms, and Louis Vuitton Handle Charms, but now Burberry once again, has stepped up their game!

Their Thomas Bear Collection has featurettes in many different colors and variations. They have the Punk Thomas Bear, English Guard Thomas Bear, Backpack Thomas Bear, Sweater Thomas Bear, Studded Thomas Bear, and Trench Coat Thomas Bear.

I do have my Sock Monkey I clip on and walk with everyday but stepping up my game, this baby spoke to me.

Featuring: The Thomas Bear in Checked Cashmere in Parade Red Color!
They play so nicely together!

I am so getting more!

~Kaye Beeh

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