Radar: Urban Zen by Donna Karan

Ever since Donna left/stepped down from her namesake DKNY and Donna Karan Collection, I always felt that she had another purpose to achieve and left to seek a new perspective. DK has always been about zen, wellness, and is known for her renowned approach to health via pilates.

After seeing her launch the collection via small scale event and now its available at Bergdorfs, I can see why she stepped down in a way. I mean the sultry, powerful, casual, and business appropriate yet trendy ways she helped to define American fashion and dressed women at work for decades, I can see how a new perspective and renewed challenge is at times necessary.

Here is where Urban Zen comes in. Just looking at the neutral colored separates, the basic designs that evolve into such a cool and chic wearable silhouette, there is something about it that that is very zen. Its not too form fitting, its loose and holds such a high level of comfort. Not to mention, every piece looks like an extension of Donna, exactly what she wears and what she would wear!

(All Images Obtained Via Bergdorf Goodman/NM Group)

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