Radar: Elina Linardaki Gladiator Strappy Pom Pom Sandals

At first when I saw designers coming out with these cool summer shoes, I was like, "okay its a nice idea in theory," but then as I looked more into it, they are really quirky and cool.

I especially love the ones that Elina Linardaki makes. This one is called Penny Lane. I know I know, it may be blogger heavy at this point, but it still makes me enjoy looking at them and possibly getting one. I cant help but think of Santorini, Greece fun when I see them.

These are the I think I need a vacation shoes. And will turn into I need a vacation to wear these shoes to, shoes. :)

Also there is the Saltwater style she makes that is less strappy and a bit more structured and down to earth. I love it as well.

And the prices aren't terrible between $199-$299.

~Kaye Beeh

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