Vera Bradley Wishlist

Vera Bradley Wishlist

I have been looking through my Vera Bradley collection and realize that there are some patterns I dont have and others I already have but want it in a different style. I am really loving the Marrakesh Motifs, Lucky you, and my personal favorite, African Violet.

Plus I never realized that not only did Vera do cotton and nylon puffy bags but leather ones as well, so I have my eye on that La Fleur Emma Satchel in Blush :)

My definitive wishlist of things to get:

La Fleur Emma Satchel in Blush
Turnlock Crossbody in Marrakesh Motifs with Navy Trim
Ultimate Backpack in Lucky You
Little Hipster Crossbody in Marrakesh Motifs
Frannie Crossbody in African Violet
Throw in Lucky You Pattern :)

Added in a home good because I have been looking at the duvets, slippers, and sheets and they are cute.

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. I have to admit that I don't anything from Vera Bradley - but after I saw this bag I know this is definitely a fail! Thanks for sharing :)
    xx Rena
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