Shake in my new Italian Sandals

Hello guys, I know I have not been keeping up but I am having a cool summer, so sad its ending soon next month. College time and hard work begins again in the end of August.

But I got a little haul of stuff that im so proud of and cant wait to incorporate into my summer last dance wardrobe.

The floral on the left is a tank from H&M. I just love the duality of colors, floral on the front and the back is basic black. The zipper on the top gives it a nice edgy touch.

Then the top on the right is a vintage Ann Taylor Loft. Crisp and clean lines inspired by my love of Celine RTW. 

Next is my Christian Dior Scarf. Found at a vintage store here in NYC and got it for only two dollars. Im crying and shaking just reliving the joyous moment I found it. Hehe.

My long time Coach Hat I just found, never really wore it but I love the bucket hats. Got one with a dragon on it. Gotta find that one and werkk it like the rent is due.

Hayyy. Werk.Werk.Werk. Cheers for to trying to werk after working out. So much pushups and mountain climbers, no?

Another find is from Savers, found this baby for $3.99. I love the recycle fibers element which is good for our environment. The boxes looking very vintage. This lamp is everything.

Lastly, my new italian leather sandals. The lines are so impressive. 
Its like a cross between Celine and Jil Sander.

AND not to mention, one of my casino wins from when I went to Resorts World.
Pretty right? If I played max I would have gotten $200.

 ~Kaye Beeh


  1. Love the scarf!


  2. Please tell me what spot you went to. I also lives in NYC. And thanks for the love, lets follow each other.

  3. I cant find your following icon to press on ... let me know where it is. and I dont think you should pay to get your denim done you can do it yourself

  4. oh ok, see how much they would charge you. Follow me on blogger and Ill follow you on bloglovin I havent sign on for a while


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