Just save me a piece will ya

Why you so upset? Haha. That is my worst pic but its the only i got. My camera person, "mum", is bad. Yep the casual look as I visited Revel, the newest casino. I really enjoyed the architecture and the design. The restroom areas are misleading Ill admit and you feel confused but its beautiful nonetheless. The casino was pretty darkish but im partial to it. Not good and not bad either. The machines reminds me of new places that take your dollars but select few take away money. World of Gambling no?

Well anyways back to my original place, this was in the garage. It was the cutest thing ever and I had to take pictures and stop to admire this work of art.

Someone's Scion, or whatever other model this box car is. Kake Korner. Such an incredible design and....

The side and top with a small cake on the top.

Also, a little trip to the Tiffany's in the Pier Mall here: I bought myself a new piece. I hardly buy jewelry but this one I had to. Lovely two small hearts. Eggshell blue and the silver hearts. by Tiffany.

Hopefully, I may buy an Elsa Peretti Bean before I leave and some new gear at the Outlets, which I have not ventured into yet.

~Kaye Beeh

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