Beeh's Trip Time: Packing Part Two Finale

So, the trip to Atlantic City is officially a go tomorrow morning early! Like super early. Really excited and finally finished all packing. My luggage, carry on and my crossbody bag of choice.

I did not take a lot of detail images but you'll see everything since.....I might as well make it the next series of posts I do. Trip time photo diary is the game.

Lovely printed pant and shorts you gotta add :*)

The monster hail of things, deciding what to pack and what to leave.

These babies might come. Mulberry Alexa, Olvia & Joy Bag, and a pair of Wanted Cage Strap Sandals.

I ordered my "new to me" pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Sport Sneakers. Got em off Ebay.

My Carry-on bag. Has everything you could imagine, from face wash to my Insanity workout dvd set which I am bringing! Its what you can see in the bag, its pretty light.

My gorgeous Vera Bradley handbag which has been a main bag and staple for everything I wear and carry. Doesnt it look so Moroccan?

My reader and jewelry pouch.

Have to have a cold water system.

I really am excited to have a relaxation time and enjoy the shopping hotspots. Plus, Mimosa is the norm here yes?

~Kaye Beeh

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