NYFW Day 1~ On Fire Honor & Richard Chai

So yesterday was the major kick off of New York Fashion Week here in NYC! (Ha!) But another season at the beautiful Lincoln Center it just makes you feel right at home!

Yesterday showed some amazing designers that got to show first, my personal favorites Honor and Richard Chai Love showed yesterday and I loved what I saw!
Here are some pictures of my favorite looks of what will possibly be popular this fall 2012.

From Honor: Gorgeous mixture of patterning and textures with some lovely beautiful shades and hues! Plus layering for the cold! The show overall was amazing and makes the fall winter months where people have SADS and need a light box therapy, sure as hell can get over it with these duds! Casual, comfortable, and fashionable at the same time.

This next outfit I love, the textures like a jacquard look! I could wear them separately you know! Forget the normal private school uniform brand, I want Honor. Plus the way the belt cuts them so its not over kill (on some people's eyes) is a lovely minimalist touch. I could have so much fun with this.

From Richard Chai, striped and ombre hues were the theme! Amazing dashes of color. This jacket I want from Richard Chai! Can chic le stripe?
Also this is from Richard Chai as well! Those pants would be sick to wear with an all black outfit or a possible long trench coat in khaki with a blue shirt.
Costello Tagliapietra: Amazing balls of fun! Their show is always so well put together and done. The clothes always come off like a canvas of fun.

Jenni Kayne: Even though this has been done before, there is something about this Xena warrior princess and russian royalty style dressing that has me going bonkers!

This is a gorgeous dress by Tadashi Shoji, who had jewel tones all over and gowns that could make functionaries cry! This is a regal dress, I could tell. The neck line is amazing, and the heming is low. I could see only two people in this dress: Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep. I would not be surprised if I was them get to wear this to a function or carpet premiere. So elegant and regal.

And thats only the first day. Can you imagine what the rest will be?

~Kaye Beeh


  1. I am so mad that I am not at NYFW. I belong there, dang it! :)

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  2. Love the stripes and patterns! You're so lucky to get to go to NYFW! :)


  3. So jealous you're at fashion week! Loving all the pictures and commentary :)

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