Summer please come!

This is swimsuit by Michael Kors. Have you ever seen something so gorgeous to wear on the beach? OR maybe your dream riviera in Spain, where you are wearing this on your patio with a coverlette?

Oh my. Or maybe your the next bond girl with this baby on? One things for sure, the possibilities are endless with this lovely number.

Cost $315. <--- May have to donate blood many times, heheh. (JK)

~Kaye Beeh


  1. wow you could buy a pool for that

  2. Woah what a fun suit! I've been on the hunt of a new bathing suit but I haven't found the perfect one yet (in my price range). Haha, so I guess I'll keep looking.

    See Me Rwar

  3. woww what a cool swimsuit!! :D


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