Target, Natori, Jason Wu and Rahn

I am dying to get my hands on some Natori for Target and Jason Wu for Target. I mean who does not want loungewear with the occassional lingerie oriental influence of Natori with the ultra femme pieces of Jason Wu's designs at a price that would not require you to sell your arm? I do.

If you actually mix these two labels, you can get your very own Blair Waldorf influence from Gossip Girl. Maybe add a little Tibi and Tory Burch to the mix then youll get it right! Though in the current episodes, you dont want her life at all! *sigh*

Can you believe how much Target is becoming such a force of reckoning. :S If I ever see Roberto Cavalli for Target (it would not happen since H&M took it by storm couple of years ago) I would die. BAM and its DONE.

ANDDDDD.......the RAHN news.

Haha, one of the guilty pleasure of mindless tv is Jersey Shore. I love this meme, its so funny. Everyone is always poking fun at the accent. :P Rahn Stap. Haha.

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