Shape Get Lean in 4 weeks DVD

So I am reviewing this dvd because i did most of the workouts and I loved it. Hopefully, for you guys you can buy it cheap and instead of paying money for many different things this simple dvd can get you in shape or you can add it into your repetoire!

There are 3 different program on it.

The Cardio KickBoxing workout, the Inverval, and the metabolism booster workout.

All are lead by Yumi Lee and she gives you good instruction on correct form and pacing so you can feel the burn in the right places, and forget the pain in the wrong places.

The cardio kickboxing was basically a series of punches, and some times a series of kicks included. i love her explanation on the form of roundhouse kicks and such.

I believe that if I do this for 3-4 times a week included with other things, i will be good for getting fit!

Happy New Years Resolutions guys!

~Kaye Beeh

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