New Model : Karina Tsuyoshi gives us the dirt!

I recently interviewed new upcoming model Karina Tsuyoshi (Wilhemina) to gives us the dirt on where she likes to hang whenever she is in NYC and her hobbies! :) I like this girl personally, she is down to earth and has good hygiene <3 [Also her magazine creditability includes: segment in RUSSH japan, In style korea, nadesico & non-no magazine.]

BA: So Karina welcome, how have you been?

KT: Great. I have been sooo busy. Just finished an editorial for a magazine, though I can not tell you whom its for!

BA: Ahhh, thats sucks, I was so looking forward to getting juicy details.

KT: Shhh, well I can its a digital design magazine :P

BA: Yay, details! Anyways, your based here in NYC. What do you like to do for fun around our humble parts?

KT: To say humble would be an understatement!

BA: I know! I know! (Haha)

KT: Well for starters, I love to go to this place to read manga novels and other such books called Manga Cafe Atom.

BA: I have been there before, it rocks!

KT: (smiles) Great! I also like to go to this place called Cafe Zaiya to eat.

BA: They have good pastries.

KT: Haha, Im deciding if I like theres or Magnolia Bakery.

BA: Okay so where do you like to shop and get music?

KT: Well for shopping, its all over. Especially Bergdorf Goodman I love the lower level beauty products ,and I like going to Soho and East Village, so many vintage and dated stuff I like to collect and wear.

BA: Hmm, we all love a little vintage though it could run on the pricy side sometimes.

KT: Housing Works is the best honestly. Oh, yeah for my music I would have to go out of NYC and into Brooklyn, around Park Slope and Williamsburg.

BA: Ahh cool! Well, one more important question before we end this love affair.

KT: Sure, shoot.

BA: Do you know about April Fools?

KT: Yes.....why?

BA: HAPPY APRIL FOOLS MY READERS! ENJOY KARINA TSUYOSHI, because she will be hitting the runway markey soon as she is signed to a new agency.

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