ThrowBack Wednesday - Lenny Kravitz

Another new section, this first throwback friday is dedicated to Mister Kravitz. Lenny Kravitz is such a talented musician.

The highlighted favorite song of this Wednesday is "Again". Wonderful lyrics, a truly vivid and sexy video, and just a wonderful song in general.

In the video, there are sexual themes but no heavy, the director's work in this one is amazing. We see a handsome Kravitz in this one naked in one scene and muscle tee-shirts. The Beautiful Gina Gershon of course being has he appears to know nothing about her in this video and doesnt feel a connection towards her. And THE Teresa Lourenco, my fellow Carribean native :). Plus Galliano's favorite model!

Song leaves you wondering about chances and how that one person that you have true chemistry and feelings for..will you ever see them again?

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