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It is just time for us all to look onto charity and give what we can, "It is fall", some may say, "so now I should give". We should give regardless.

Head on

If those are tough for a first timer, you give from afar on these sites:

From there you just click on the "Give" button. Its totally free. When you click, sponsors of the site and idea of the site pay for the procedures to help children. When you click once a day, it brings more doctors.

On the site after you click there, are five more tabs up top to click.

You help the fight against Breast Cancer, in which a woman will get a free mammogram, every time you click.

You could battle hunger, by clicking and about 1.1 cups of food will get to starving people.

You could help save the rainforest with just a click.

You can also help put books into children's hands.

And lastly, you could help the animal rescue effort.

So much could be done in a lifetime, but just one day to start and continue is the beauty of inner strength. <3

Im always on the look, luv.

Kaye Beeh~

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