NY Anime Festival - General Sights and Visions

I know i am pretty late but tests and practices came up in school, so I had to focus, but other than that, i am back for sure.

The Anime Festival on Saturday was AMAZING. Ill post images as soon as I find my cord connecting the camera to the comp.

So much cosplay, it was not even funny. Even people and familiar faces I know from NYCC '08 and '09 were there. Haha, even MTV MADE was holding Auditions. So you might see my story on tv about trying to make it in the world of backstabbing, networking, success, and beauty. It was pretty funny to do though.

Then the Maids, I did not really care for much this year but had the usual of keeping the audience in the backstage entertained.

The World Championship Gaming Tournament was there, it was pretty exciting ,in which there was a free gaming spot, which I tried to play, but was denied! Grrrr, magical folk united against me. Haha, the team tournaments were funny in Counter Strike, hehe, whenever one would win everyone would cheer loudly and get up and a do a little victory dance. It was cute. :)

I myself wore an Ichigo Bankai Mask with normal skinny jeans, black tee and black sweater attire. On Sunday, I wore the same mask but Tenchi Muyo t-shirt and Ichi the Killer inspired pants. Haha, what a conflict of interests!

I got my first time Press Badge, yay! So this blog is the corresponding outlet, to all that happened during that weekend. Well except the Friday.
I got quite a few interviews, met with people, discussed all kinds of stuff like Lolita Wear to talking Solty Rei dolls!

The Panels were amazing, especially the Japan Society 25 minutes of Introduction to the Japanese Language. I learned alot. (Uso - lie) Yay, Im learning!~

The screening were good, the theme mainly of the festival was Soul Eater! I have not gotten around to watching a full episode but have heard the main introduction by my favorite singer, Takanori Nishikawa - TMR! Woohoot~ Resonance, its an song, though the video was not extravagant like his others.

Hehe, everything there had to be bought, it is not like Comic con with free shit palooza, free stuff were like pens, stickers, and this Venom Energy Drinks. Which I got 3 bottles, hehe. :D Now that explains why I was soo hyper that day.

After we saw most of all things, we walked down to Mcdonalds, were it was another palooza, All Anime Attendees were getting cheap food at Mcdonalds too. Lots more colors, fake eye pieces, and weirded out Mcdonalds Staff. Hehe, when I went to the bathroom. Some lady walked in and said, " Whats going on why there are so many teens and adults all dressed in those garbs...?" The cleaning duty lady said," Some Anime Festival shit thats on for the whole damn weekend". I guess some one does not like their job!

Afterwards, we explored some more, sat in the corner started giving some free hugs and then left to go to Duet 35 Karaoke! There was sorta getting some business too. :)

I can proudly say, I sang my heart out!!

Ill post more details of my Interview with the creator of the 1st ever! Anime Board Game called "Collateral Damage". An Employee with the World of Gaming Tournament, an Artist Alley Artist named Jessica L. and founder of Otakusocialnetwork.com !'

Stay Tuned, Love you guys!

Kay Beeh

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