A Voyage into Shenmue III *Under Construction*

It seems as it may as well still be on because Sega is currently having a trend of reviving games as well as franchises. The Shenmue franchise which started in 1999,still isnt over. Evidence includes the shenmue website which is still up and in recent interviews which is trying to work on it.

Our beloved Shenmue, with his smooth talking voice and way of asking soooo sooo many questions may be back with us soon. Meaning More and more quick time events, fabulous new graphics since we reached the new age! The long lasting questions that arises from the ending of Shenmue II and what was the relationship between him and the biker girl. Hehe, we may know later on, but lets keep up hope now, ya hear?

Yu Suzuki, we love you please help us keep the dreams alive of this never-ending story! You my sir have an art for games and an eye for greatness.

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