Closer Look - Yui Makino

You all may know already that she is a guest of honor at the upcoming New York Anime Festival and has a free concert on Saturday Night possibly in the IGN theater (if its still called that), but lets take a closer look into Ms. Yui Makino.

Singer, seiyu, actress, pianist, and talent. All of these ideas describe Yui Makino. She started the study of piano at a young age of four. Shunji Iwai discovered her and she played musical pieces in three of his films. That is what I call amazing talent. She has come a long way then going to voice over work such as the Heroine "Sakura" in Tsubasa Chronicle (which is an awesome anime and manga) in its entirety. She was also in Sora Kake Girl as Honoka Kawai! Also her other work includes: Welcome to the N.H.K. as Misaki! Her two albums in all sold about 10,000-11,000 copies each! And get this, Yui is only 23 years of age! If she has done this much in 23 years, imagine how much more she can do with about 20 years more, if she continues on this amazing path, that she has carved.

Quite Frankly, I applaud you Ms. Yui Makino, hopefully I can get a autograph at this Anime Festival and give my readers a nice treat~

Ja ne, K.

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