The New York Anime Festival has started earlier on today but I couldnt make it today due to unfinished business such as AP Phyiscs coming up short notice so I had to stay behind and do that work.

So get your bentos, costumes, bags for swag, notepads for press conferences, popcorn for show watching, and autographing hands ready Because the show is on the road!!

But anyways, one of my contacts apparently got this info:

From Funanimation Entertainment: The Official Cast release for : "Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood"

Line Producer: Mike McFarland

ADR Directors: Mike McFarland and Caitlin Glass

Reprising their roles from the first series:

Edward Elric - Vic Mignogna
Winry Rockbell - Caitlin Glass
Roy Mustang - Travis Willingham
Lust - Laura Bailey
Envy - Wendy Powell
Gluttony - Chris Cason
Maes Hughes - Sonny Strait
Fuhrer King Bradley - Ed Blaylock
Riza Hawkeye - Colleen Clinkenbeard
Jean Havoc - Mike McFarland

New Cast Members:
Alphonse Elric - Maxey Whitehead (Antonio from Romeo x Juliet, Czeslaw
Meyer from Baccano)
Scar - J Michael Tatum (Eneru from One Piece, Isaac from Baccano)
Isaac McDougal - Bryan Massey (Ladd from Baccano, Nino from Gunslinger
Girl: Il Teatrino)

Aaron Dismuke will be featured in another role later in the series.

Which will be dubbed as you all know and released for Spring 2010, so all non-speaking Japanese fanatics can yell and carry on because its finally going to be released, yay! ;D

So join the brother as they search for the Philosopher's Stone, as I search for my costume for Saturday and Sunday babies!



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