Hackers, Hackers, Hackers

It is reported at about 9:00 am in which Twitter and Facebook also other social networking sites have been hacked, i repeat, HAVE BEEN HACKED INTO due to a hacker war going on right now. People are saying they feel bare without having access to talk to anyone or feel their privacy is being evaded.

Stay Tuned on EyeWitness News Channel 7 Today, for more of the developing story.
Tune into CNN as well.

Twitter and these sites have been hit by denial of service attack. Co-founder of Twitter, Mr. Biz Stone, is shocked.

We are all shocked but get on with your lives. Its probably some nerds or guys who feel they must do this because they are bored or probably trying to prove something.

Who knows, who cares. Just get the site back up and running so i dont have to hear moping going on around me about people saying " I cant twitter about what time my dental appointment is!" waaahhh!" Who the hell cares! <3

Luv ya, all. -Ka

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