Cosplay Thoughts anyone?

The past two years I have been to New york Comic Con and Next. I have been sorta of cosplaying but for the New York Anime Festival in 25 days and counting, I wanna go all out, in good outfits this time. The past outfits were mediocre and well were kinda too big for me, seeing as im a girl!

So my Possible Choices are:

Vampire Knight- Day Class Yuuki, Night Class Uniform (general)

7th Hokage- Naruto

Naruto - Kiba Inozuka (1st series- not shippuuden)

Naruto - Hinata Hyuuga (Shippuuden)

Naruto - Anbu Uniform (including mask)

Final Fantasy - Tifa Lockhart

Final Fantasy - Aerith

Royalty Loli Cosplay

The Warriors (nee 1970s)- Ajax

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