Lucille Roberts ---YAY!

I joined the Lucille Roberts family last week in now i can go unlimited days and hours, and gyms too. I got the 1 Year Gold Membership! Im sooo excited!~ I have gone 3 days to 3 different gyms, they are all nice, i got 2 more to try out in the MAnhattan area. But all in all, they are nice. Good machines, Nice Training Classes of Toning & Stretch & Aerobics! Treadmills, Bikes, Ellipticals, and old machinery which you must use your manual power~ Its a nice challenge and im ready to get fit.

Not only is it for women but by a woman! :D

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  1. Lucille Roberts is my favorite gym too. I have lost so much weight since I joined Lucille Roberts just by by taking their classes. I love it!


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