Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest 2009

Well, im BACK from the Hot Dog eating contest down by Coney Island which was packed! Luckily, I got an insider from the press to let me in their booth to get a good view! Boy was it amazing. A rapper was there first, then they were giving away t-shirts, people cheering like crazy, guys shirtless (^_^), girls some in bathsuits ( :]), Some people on the rooftops across the street!

There were lots of cannoli, guacamole, pie, hot dog, pudding and other various food champions but two stood out.

6 time Champion from Japan, Takeru Kobayashi, Who is my future husband, well in my dreams! I LOVE YOU KOBAYASHI!!!!!!! <;

Joey Chestnut = 68 hot dogs.
Takeru Kobayashi = 64 hot dogs.

And...Joey Chestnut, three time champion now, since he won today!

Personally, I congratulate Joey, but I prefer my Takeru anyday! You'll get em next year Kobayashi!

(P.S. Pictures will be put up later when i find the camera cord!!!!)

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