Not in Slight Moderations

As we have all seen such magazines as Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Marie Claire, Vogue, and Nylon, which have lovely cover models ranging from Models, TV Starts, Reality Personalities, Singers, and normal Starlets. The real question is we are presented with these girls and sometimes cover guys which we must look up to and the thing i dont get is when are we to see girls who have volunteered for their communities, took up harder working jobs without glamour, or have jobs that save lives or requires tremendous hours of work. I agree that starlets have to wake up early and work hard for their millions of dollars but what i dont understand is how come normal life-saving or jobs that handle millions of people's minds (Being educators) is lowly paid for. I believe the hype, and America's demand for more of the glamour, entertainment, and living "The American Dream" is what contributes peoples hard earned money to be given to people, some of which are younger than them! For example, starlets like Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Sophia Bush, and Selena Gomez, whom are big stars (I love them all!) They are great but the money they earn isnt equally shared among "real" jobs such as being firefighters, doctors, engineers, pharmacists, teachers, professors, and accountants are underpaid. Thank goodness nowadays for disasters that such jobs as Biotechnology and going "green" are finally underway! Specializations in jobs such as Cardiologists are paid "450,000" a year, while a movie star is 3,000,000 perhaps a salary per movie!?

Can you , anyone, explain this diffrentiation to me?

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