#NYFW - Son Jung Wan Fall 2018 - "Extreme Ways!" Diving to Maximum Chic Silhouetting! #SonJungWan

Son Jung Wan is always one of my favorite New York Fashion Week staple shows, the Korean darling brings classic design elements of the east to meet the silhouettes of the west, this time delving into Maximalism!

Here were some top stunners and my personal favs, I could wear the yummy dark coat with some jeans too!
Images as captured in real time by Rodin Banica

Meaning the styling creates a sense of fluff, there is patterns galore, all chicly fit the model and wish you could wear any piece and play around with it, as you see fit!

Son is knowing for mixing patterns like floral stripes with a brocade or chiffon tailored look or a yummy metallic piece against a lame material for a shiny sporty look. And the traditional tailoring. Omg.
Images captured by Rodin Banica

The interposing fabric play against a backdrop of a solid color that has a color patterned fur piece added for a funky chic look and the bejeweled platform shoes ready to make any outfit look like a cross between 70s and late 90s.

And some fab celebs delightfully said what weather and came through! Gizelle Bryant, my fav girl who knows the word on the street, from Bravo's Real Housewives of Potomac
Images by Douglas Overton
Next, you have long time staple of SJW's shows, Kelly Rutherford, known as Lily from popular young adult book into drama adaptation on CW, "Gossip Girl".

Of course the ever Fabulous Miss Jay, Runway Extraordinaire, Runway Coach, Legendary Model, and a personality on America's Next Top Model. And alongside him Masika Kalysha, of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Fame!

And Russian Roulette also came saw and loved!
Images by Douglas Overton
This collection this year screamed "BIH COME THRU" or "I have to pick up some lavender from the organic market but I have a wicked dinner with all my friends right after."

~Kaye Beeh

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