#HolidayCheer: Valentine's Day 2018: LETS GO #WilliamsSonoma or #Nordstrom!

Changing the tune of the wonderous blogger haven of Valentine's Day gift picks scrumptiously offered showing what you can buy for your significant other, your dog, or even yourself. I want to turn that boringness and authoritative standpoint by showing what ALL can enjoy! Here a couple of cute things and knicks knacks that I believe are pretty cool, everyone can enjoy and if you are condemned to a single-servitude for eternity, then there are some neat stuff you can indulge in and then go do a juice cleanse, bank detox or whichever.

Warning List Below has awesomeness and sarcasm mixed right in!  Relatable? hugs forever. (Images courtesy of Williams-Sonoma.com and Nordstrom.com)

Valentine's Day Etched Heart Flutes at Williams-Sonoma, $12 each or you can buy a set. Drink with your real lover, your fictious romance novel

Valentine's Day Cookies, at Williams-Sonoma, the box is $32.

Bacon and Eggs Cookie Box, at Williams-Sonoma, $28 a pop! This is my personal favorite and so modern as fuck, forget the hearts, go for the bacon!

Slip Silk Pillowcase, the limited edition Valentines Kisses one, $79 at Nordstrom. Slip has gotten so huge now! A splurge one but hey what a way for the single gals like me to get our kiss via a pillow and not have fine lines and aging from regular cotton pillows! Score. FANCY AF.

Meri Meri Valentine's Day Party Bundle, $68 at Nordstrom. You can have a "Its my party and ill cry if I want to" Valentines lonely moment with a party set or invite your girlfriends to watch Sex and the City for a anthropological philosophical breakdown of relationships. Either way, this is a fab set to do it.

Wildfox Not Today Cupid Tee, $77 at Nordstrom. For those of you are not feeling it or wanna show your significant other to fuck off on that day! So perf! These with a Williams-Sonoma box and buying your own flowers, make your Valentines Day Great Again!

Diptyque Rose Delight Candle, LTD, $68 at Nordstrom. So what if your significant other didnt buy flowers or forgot, time to be petty and envelope your space with your own floral scent! Smelled this in person, its soooo good! Instagram aesthetic worthy, have this by the clawfoot tub and that picture of your legs never looked and smelled so good.

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