Home Fondness: Good Vibes, Good Scents

Being in love with being home or wanting to spend time at home, you have to create the right atmosphere! Not only furniture does that but a good fragrance for the home creates that "AHHH RELAXATION" mood, that a good drink would but this is a healthier option, I promise!

What I trust and believe in is a good mister and candle! These are my current favorites.

This candle was hard to find by Woodland Grove. Its a sweet woodsy vanilla bean scent. Great way to relax and smell sweets without necessarily eating it. Haha.

Then from Williams Sonoma, the wonderland of home goods, is the Room Sprays infused with essential oils! My personal favorite scent is the 'Fleur De Sel'. It has verbena , juniper, lily and rose. I feel like I am in a garden retreat drinking tea and lunching with the ladies. Being a lady who lunches, thats a dream!

Next but definitely not last, is by Bath & Body Works from their White Barn Upper Echleon section is the beautiful day scent! So clean, so beautiful and makes the room feel cooler and smelling great!
Not only can you have an at home spa day with these but make a stale home smell really fresh, a trip to the Catskills or Poconos or the botanic garden without the cost~

~Kaye Beeh

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