Fun on the Rooftop x Refinery Hotel

As the summer heats up, native New Yorkers and our tourists alike find new places to stay cool, stay hydrated and always be seen. With space few and far in the city, the only way to thrive is up. Instead of trying out a new ground floor restaurant or basement nook restaurant in West Village or down in Two Bridge, I figured with my friend and I, lets go to a rooftop place!

After our delight of spending some valuable time browsing Kinokuniya across from Bryant Park, I figured lets try Refinery Rooftop, as its nearby and I heard great things about the splendor of its views, the amazing drink menu, and to die for food!

But of course past this food fair on 41st, i felt like I am back in Coney Island for a minute.

All in all it was a good experience, go try the margherita flatbread with a glass of rose with soda~ It was awesome, it was a little bit packed, decibal level at soaking up each other's awesomeness by talking level, maximum amounts of sunglasses, and lots of people there for the atmosphere, ourselves included, spent about 1.5 hours there comfortably, just eating, drinking, and talking. Prices arent bad, drinks a little bit moderately expensive but that is just manhattan pricing in general, nothing out of left field.

~Kaye Beeh

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