These Shoes Were Mading for Quirking: Stubbs & Wootton

For many years,  I have followed Stubbs and Wootton, since their original digs in Palm Beach, FL took root and then good-spawned taking root in my native New York, where socialities, celebutants, and reg folks like us adorn the brand!

Enunciating followed, not necessarily a multi-pair maven of SW, the only pair I had was a pair of flamingo mules but now I want two or three pairs of the slipper flats, one in a cheeky letterman, or the pattern play, or tongue in cheek innuendo.

These 4 are the top on my list. Of course my #1 would be the Screw U (I mean its mood goals) and the "C" varsity lettering representing Columbia University, it was my almost alma mater and my good friend is an alumni, so Ill rep what coulda been and what was in support!

(Images via Stubbs website)

I mean these are a great addition to any outfit, whether or not, you need your cute slippers to make a stationery run to Papyrus, grabbing a kombucha tea from the local deli, or running to Bergdorfs at lunch to check out the 5F selections.

The possibilities are endless and I love a good pair of shoes. These are quirking it for me and I love it.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. All the shoes are wonderful!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Kaye the shoes are cute, it's great to have a cute pair of flats to run errands xox


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