A Break from Study: The Butcher's Daughter Adventure

The thing with law school life is its easy to forget a bit of yourself, while trying to mold yourself into who the profession wants to help you to be and who you are becoming. Thats why I am restarting my me time, getting out to my excursions and new haunts to explore more of this every changing city! All the while meeting new people and meeting a new version of myself!

With two finals down during finals week and 2 more finals to go, a girl needs a new atmosphere and new treats!

But yes, today's #Views was definitely glass apothecary natural juicing and simplicity in plant aesthetics with Vegetarian Goodness at The Butcher's Daughter. Located down by Elizabeth Street and Kenmare, where everything is building up (Yes the burgeoning NY Downtown scene is coming alive again)

I had the Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad (not pictured) and one of the Heritage Juices, the Honey Bee! I just love the atmosphere and set up!

And my lovely friend I went with had the Pure Passion Mimosa!
The music playlist there was kick ass, nearly everything indie and pop which is what my playlist is comprised of!
Overall 5/5, would go back! 
Then we proceeded to go to Variazoni, a lovely little Prince St store before you hit Broadway! Nice italian silk clothing! Will do a full post on them with photos!~

The ride home I had Baked by Melissa Minis! (I remember when I wanted to work there as an associate where I can bake and serve them all day long, and serve some to myself to eat, I wonder how my paycheck would look!)
Back to my exams~!
~Kaye Beeh

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