Obsession: In Love With Bags

Can you imagine all of the variations on bags since the beginning of time? The different designer's take on a good bag for any occasion or inspired by what pops up in their mind at that moment?

It is crazy to think how much and how far creativity can go but you have to admire how some designers reinvent their signature bags by adding on, chic fringing (Alla PS1 by Proenza Schouler, my fav) and Chanel, for instilling not only a new bag shape that has taken the fashion world by storm the last few years since its inception but doing different things to it (You have to archive all of the variations).

By far, these are my favorite bags that I would one day like to have in my bag family.

Craving them now to be honest, especially that Judith Leiber Crystal Cupcake Minaudierie.

But the ones I love for everyday use are the Chanel Boy in the hologram metal, the PS1 Fringe, the PS1 Courier Backpack, and the Valentino Glam Lock with crystals.

Nothing says I love bags like a good set like these.

~Kaye Beeh

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