Just In: Prada Dixie Car Cabbie Sunglasses

I swear there is nothing like China Green Tips tea from Starbucks, the new J.Crew December Style Guide (with the plethora of sweaters and parkas!!!), and my new Prada shades.

So excited about my new pair of Prada sunglasses, on a trip to Bloomingdales outlet, I saw them on the shelf and at 30% off, I just had to snag them. I gave my mother the other regular green car futuristic Prada shades I had, so these are a major upgrade.

I mean if anyone  remembers that Spring 2012 collection from Miuccia, everything was everything. I mean I love how retro and kitchy these are. They are a great fit and are a nice addition to any outfit.

~Kaye Beeh

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