Alber Elbaz & Lanvin

I am sure we have all heard about the fashion musical chairs happening over there in Europe, with Raf Simons parting Dior, Alexander Wang out at Balenciaga, and now Alber Elbaz out at Lanvin. But with Alber, whom I love so much, there is still much drama.

Alot of drama is brew still between the employees, Alber, shareholders, and the chairwoman/owner Shaw-Lan Wang. The details are too heavy to explain, but Wang is supposedly steering Lanvin in the wrong direction and Alber has told her this fact over the years and this build up led to his dismissal.

Of course there were good times and bad times between the creative director, owner, and others involved but it was a good 14 year tenure.

I always knew there was a weird reason behind why Wang was at the Spring 2016 show.

Alber will definitely be missed, I mean the glamour, elegance, fun, and fashion mix and love that shown through his work at Lanvin, pretty much brought it back from its 90s irrelevance.

Now even more rumors swirl that Alber is going to Dior and his new instagram account is him opening up to new media more and more. This is all too much, so all we need is some tea, chamomile, and to be strapped to a chair, just to get through all of this change.

~Kaye Beeh

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