Beeh Rave: Dior 2015 Resort Collection

The forecast that Raf Simons gave for the Dior 2015 Resort collection was quite frenchie and smart. He took on former silhouettes and the gorgeous shapes of the Dior past collections that we all know and love.

I love the art deco meets french chic, meets 90s. Its very smartly done and looks like it moves well on the runway. Can it translate off runway, even without the thousands of dollars rich women will spend on it?

I definitely think so. I see this trickling down into designer inspired pieces in places like Necessary Clothing and flying off the racks at Bergdorfs.

The square lace cut bodice, very 1990s. And not to mention the booties throughout I quite like with then, instead of various sandals or heels. The peep toe is within our times.
Its not outrageous like art you observe and forget about. But the wearability factor in this resort collection is 100% legit.

P.S. - It showed in Brooklyn at the Navy Yard. I gotta tell you that fashion prodigy Alexander Wang is starting it all.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. I agree this collection is indeed really wearable and I hope now that I will be able to create similar looks but with cheaper pieces :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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