Whats Designer at H&M Online

There have been some really good pieces for winter and spring/summer transitioning that is present at H and M online right now. Couple of tops that look and are good quality. Some basics and some patterns that are very expensive looking.


1. Knit Sweater, comes in different colors but I find the aquamarine looking blue to be the most comforting, not the mention the slouchy pocket. Here on sale for $12.95.

2. Melange Coat, gorgeous tweedy melange style and boxy cut. Reminds me of a cross between Isabel Marant and Chanel. I like how its lined and single buttoned. Plus the lapels of it are the right size for a boyfriend meets girlfriend look. Here for $59.95.

3. Top in Woven Fabric, I am a sucker for striped looks and if this doesn't say "I am not in jail but I am more stylish than you", I do not know what does. It looks well structured and the material is easy on the skin. Here for $34.95.

4. Cushion Cover, I love a good pop art and comic strip. Why not have it in a pillowcase. Here for $9.95.

5. Denim Shirt, the various studs on the bottom of the collar and chest area in contrast with the hue of the shirt, gives a rocker glam vibe. Here for $34.95.

6. Linen Top, reminds me of the Burberry hearts and shapes collection that Christopher Bailey did, as a fun young take on a classic brand collection. Not only is linen great material to feel breezy in but the neck line on this is cut beautifully. Here for $24.95

7. Sweatshirt, this is one of the most beautiful sweaters they have done, a cross between Rag & Bone and Chanel, not only tweedy but sweat-top style, can pair for interviews dressing it up or down with denim and a parka. Here for $49.95.

8. Chiffon Blouse, I actually own this top, the top feels cotton like and the bottom is a chiffon nice style blouse. Combo top that reminds me of Spring 2014 by Ralph Lauren and his take on the florals. Here for $14.95.

9. Duvet Cover Set, love this duvet cover set, nice white color with a painted on girl. Great if you want something simple yet fun and artistic for your bed. Here for $34.95.

10. Wool Hat, I love a good rolled brim hat in wool, can go with any look. I can try laid back mod or Parisian sunday alla Isabel Marant. Here for $12.95.

11. Sweatshirt, I find this to be a homage to Versace, the bright color and patterning can mix for any added fun to any look. Here for $49.95.

12. Sweatpants, I love the tapered leg and zips around the knees, such a unique take on a classic sporty pant. Here for $34.95.

13. Short Necklace, the gold color and rows of different shapes is so well done on this necklace, looks like something from J.Crew. Great for work or special functions. Here for $17.95.

14. Quilt Sneakers, for the leather quilt fans, we can keep it subdued with it on our feet, with all of the modern minimalist looks but still get our quilt fix. Here for $29.95.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. i've been looking for 11 in the store. maybe i'll order online if it's not sold out. o shoot! just remembered i'm on a shopping diet. LOL!!

    1. Ive tried a shopping diet, I usually end up buying something low priced anyway lol

  2. Thank you for the insperation, very nice things and Iwanna buy some of that too.

  3. I love that #11 sweatshirt and I really could use a trip to H&M soon. It's been a few years since I stepped inside of their store.
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  4. So odd i was on there website love all they have. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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  6. Based on the image I think I really like the cut of #6 --- maybe I should head down to H&M and see if I get lucky (plus I live in Singapore- so linen is always appropriate!)

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  7. love everything especially the quilt sneakers !

  8. I love your picks. The grey coat is perfect!

    xx Mira


  9. Great picks! My orders from H&M are their way to my home :)

  10. nice stuff! love the quilted shoes! xx, Alma


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