What a motif! Room Decor Ideas

I am going to be moving soon, I would love for my new room to be better than the last. Instead of basic, I would love to mix it as if its an adventure or caravan through the far east. As if your taking a journey from Japan to England. Like a diffusion of all cultures and yet not be tacky. So from the Kansai  region, to the scandinavian element, the french victorian to the olden rustic times of England.

Some of my ideas and things I have found, though I cannot afford some of it, I will probably find things similar to this or try to re-create it via Nate Berkus gene I have.

This Eastgate Chest by Ethan Allen, here. I absolutely adore the rustic looking wood with an americana finish. And the knob are so oldfashioned.
 These set of pillow covers are from H&M, pretty good sale going on right now here. I feel as if I may invest in the pillow cover phenomena because you can always change them unlike some decorative pillows.

 Cute face, isnt it?

For my desk, this really cool Dachshund Letter Holder form Anthropologie, here. I find the idea of investing in office decor and supplies really fascinating. Instead of a letter stack why not make them classy.

These stacking wooden trays, feels like im in a library again or secretary filing area. Find it here at Anthropologie.

This lovely handpainted Architecture Chest, I love anything hand painted and I love the black background against the foreground. Find it here at Anthropologie.

This german design with japanese influence, I love the minimalism with the hint of culture. The headboard is very unique though.

Gorgeous Forest Canopy Bed. As if my bed is in the woods, an ethereal woods where Britney Spear's Curious commercial comes alive. Find it here at Anthropologie.

To hang some things or my coat of the day, this Marquee Letter Hook. The K must look fab!

To further travel along my caravan, the Aziza Crewelwork Pillow, where every fiber tells a story.

The Sari Throw

The Ombre Velvet Pillow

Anna Sui visionary like Bath Mat at H&M, here.

Copper Tea Light Holder, great for nightstand, here.

And of course to round off my IKEA love!

The Hopen 8 draw dresser, I love the black and glass elements to it. Minimalist indeed.

For my billy bookcase, I might add glass doors to give it a shop store touch. This is where Ill store some novelties, my bags, and a couple of nice cozy knits.

And this mirror from Ikea is quite the knockout!

I also am in love with the idea of stacking old time trunks or suitcases because they feel like I have travelled, which is what I love to do. Someday visit almost everywhere in the world. The various items you can put on them, your alarm clock, lamp, plant, keys, glass of water, and a decorative plate with jewelry, why not?

Well lovies, I will update more on this caravan adventure of decor, lets see how I do this.
~Kaye Beeh


  1. You have got some great ideas for your new home. I love the H&M home section, so funky and not very expensive. :-)

  2. I love the piece and wow what a great Idea...Am sure with those similar ideas for your new house it will ne fabulous .....:D...


  3. hihi I love the NYC pillow!!


  4. Wow, really good ideas!specially i like the letter holder and pillows:)

  5. Eclectic interiors are fabulous and you're new room will look amazing if you accomplish it! I am moving soon too and have been looking for cute items to add to my decor all summer :) xo


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