Exposed: What's in my RM bag

So I have a plethora of Rebecca Minkoff bags but this time around I purchased the Denim Linen Mac Bombe.

I really love the color and the ostrich trims. Its about 4 days old, collective aww's around please.

So its the once in a while whats in my bag time.

Here is the mecha of it all: ZOOOOOOM.

Gotta love the kipling mini pouch with the little gorilla buddy.
Need my pens and various eyeshadow products form Hard Candy.
My leather blue wallet pouch from Rebecca Minkoff, was my first Rebecca item I bought myself to be honest.
In top left corner one of the best fragrances made ever, Lanvin's L'Arpage.
Top Right is my chanel eyeshadow in magic night which is discontinued and Gap' So Pink Body Spray.

All of these things are quite important, always be equipped, always.
Tokyomilk hand cream in La Vie a Mort. I need to buy another one soon. I use it like as how I drink water, often!
My Michael Kors leather watch and Sterling Silver Hoop earrings next to the So Pink Spray. Whenever I feel tired of my jewelry, I end up taking it off and putting on another set of something.

Kick ass Hello Kitty I got cut.

Well there you have it, what I love and what I walk around with almost everyday including my phone. Once in a while I will have a small notepad to jot ideas or my little Nikon Camera being inspired.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. Wow, your Hello Kitty key is so cute. Amazing how you can fit all of your cosmetics into your bag. Thank you for your lovely comments on my Blog. Have a wonderful evening! Pamela

  2. great post :)
    Have a wonderful evening!!!

  3. What a cute bag! It looks like the perfect size. My own purse is about that size and it just fits everything I carry everyday.

  4. i love how organized your purse is! the ostrich color is beautiful.

    cute & little

  5. Nice stuffs :D you have a lot of things in your bag!
    Francesca from

  6. I've been wanting a Rebecca Minkoff bag for awhile! So jealous*

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and suggesting a post I do dedicated to Pirates of the Caribbean. I did do one before, but that was on only the mermaids. I will keep that in mind!


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