Novelty Necessity

Probably my love for Comic book tees, band tees, and tour tees is now spilling over into the novelty tees. Dont get me wrong I got a couple of those cheeky bits from junk food and other companies. But recently I have seen these cool things over the internet and I have decide to get a couple of really cool novelty tees and beanies.

I will always have them forever no?

Local Heroes Store is one of the websites where these tees are so awesome. I most like these two:

And this Sweatshirt!

The prices are real chill, like 29-60 for a piece. Not bad at all. I may live on this website. :)

Then there is Dimepiece LA, where they have this cool beanie:
You can buy it here for $30.

Haha, to further their awesomeness, check out this IPHONE 5 case. If you love beavis and butthead like me, you will get a kick out of it.
Im still dying from this case. Now I want an iphone 5.

Then another favorite of mine is by Brian Lichtenberg.
This Feline Meow Shirt. Im sure you guys have seen it all over but I for one love the play on Celine by it. Plus isn't it just too cool and cute?!
I personally love the black version, yes I love black alot ;)
You can buy it from his official website for $60, here.

And finally, Reason Clothing always has something awesome going on. To further express the tourists here in NYC, this expresses the sentiments well. Hahahaha.
Spoof on those I heart NY tees.

On sale now at their website for $28 bucks, here.

Quite frankly, its a necessity. Self Expressionism at its besssst. 

~Kaye Beeh


  1. first and last shirts are hilarious :)

  2. I need more t-shirts like this in my life! They are a good form of expressionism and fun!


  3. loveeeeeeee lol

  4. these are so funny...I love the last clean shirt!!!! is the best...xo, Alma

  5. Ohhh… ABSOlutely funny t-shirts dear!!!And you’ve got a gorgeous blog too!!!

    *Check out my blog to discover the Marilyn Monroe of the 21st century--- I’ll be waiting for you!!! (We could followed each other by GFC, Bloglovin’ or Facebook)

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  6. omg these are awesome. I've seen some of them but not all of these...

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    This is a great post, lovely :)
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  8. LOL I love me a good graphic, slightly offensive piece of clothing! So cute! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  9. awesome t-shirts

  10. Great picks! So cheeky. Love the Feline Meow top especially :)


  11. haha love the first one!

  12. Really funny stuff :-) :-) ... Thank's for stopping and commenting on my blog, my dear - would appreciate to have you back again! Kisses from Vienna,


  13. amazing!!!! I love that "last clean tshirt" :)

    - A.

  14. hahaha!! I waaaant it all!! *_*


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