What a beaute! Beeh Spills the Beans!

So I am spilling the beans on my beauty goodies. I am launching a new series, called the "What a beaute". I will do a post on my favorite beauty items and what I use. It will probably be a three part series.

This past New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week currently, I have been so intrigued by beauty secrets, makeup looks for every designer, and thought that I would step it up in this department.
Usually I am fresh faced or somedays with a little eyeshadow thats it. Though Im not on the levels of needing concealers and foundations to cake my face. I thought I would add subtle lip and eye looks to my face no?

The mother of all makeup bags.

Time to spill it!

And here is the overlay of everything. Not all of what I own but the usual necessities to which I busy myself with.

These are the lovely lip items. Besides my Shiseido Tinted Lip Gloss in Coral (not pictured) I gravitate with these in my orbit.
-> Bath and Body Works, Country Chic Cherry Jam Lip Gloss.
-> MAC x Hello Kitty Pinky Lip Gloss
-> Maybelline Super Stay 10 Tinted in a deep red.
-> Lancome Clear Pink Lip Gloss
-> Covergirl Deep Shade Lipstick (Forget the name)
-> Mac Lipstick

My travel size Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. Leaves an amazing feeling on the face. Moisturized and yet not too oily or too dry. Just right.

A little mini set I got as a gift courtesy of Sephora. Travel Sample Size of the Clinique 3 step system. Have not tried this yet, but the Liquid Facial Soap on the left I have the large bar facial soap to it. Its amazing.

This is a Cheek Stain by Tarte.

My Chanel Set.
I could not live without these.
My Two single eyeshadows and the 9 shade set.
The Eyeshadow Base Primer and the creamy eye liner.
And the inside of it. Sorry that the picture is sideways.

Other novelties.
Caudalie Lip Conditioner.
Covergirl EyeSlicks
Hard Candy Curl Up & Dye Mascara (My favorite aside from my Imju Fiberwig)

Cant do without nail polish pens. Only problem is that after a couple of uses the brush tends to stick or clump up. Otherwise they the first initial uses they go on solid.

My Jillstuart jelly eyeshadow in midnight purple. I used to live in it.
And Figs & Rouge Organic Lip Balm. Always great to have these. Not only for your lip but great balm for any dry area. A little surely does go a long way.

~~Kaye Beeh


  1. MMMM Lots of beauty goodies here- fab


  2. great advice! i'm in love with all clinique products, you should definitely try them!


  3. I LOOOVE Chanel makeup!!


  4. Chanel makeups are great investements

  5. I loooove Clinique Products! One of the best <3


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