Mirror on the wall, Who is the jeweled one of them all.

That feeling you get when you finish 2nd round of midterms in college! Yesssssss. Well I decided to have a little fun and go to Marshalls. I ended up spotting Missoni Flats that were $249, a Stella McCartney bag that had no price tag (Went to the cashier and they were $999), and other various things. So yes, Marshalls nearby has gotten better significantly in their quality of items. Also tons of Cynthia Rowley items, how do you think I got my delicious Cynthia Rowley Bedazzled Fork and Knives Set. for $13 along with the matching spoons.

Anyway, I am lately into home furnishings and well decorating, so I spotted this baby and decided to get her.

 A Mirrored Jewelry Large Case By Hotel. Only cost $69.99. Originally $120.

It is amazing and the moment I reached home, I started putting my jewels in it!

Away you go boxes.

Next I want a mirrored side table, we all know how much ebay selling it will take to get that.
*Ponders the time length to find one and afford it*

~Kaye Beeh


  1. beautiful photos!!!

  2. The idea is great! I have to think about something similiar to gather my jewelries!

    Sun and Sany

  3. i love your blog header so much (and of course the titel) the idea with the bees is so cute <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  4. she's really lovely! i need something like this...

  5. Wow, that case is SO beautiful :) I'm kinda jealous he!

    Your music taste is also pretty good (the player on your sidebar), my bf loves those bands especially & he's a DJ :)

    Thanks for stopping by ! :) Visit anytime again to say hello. Have a nice day !

    Indie by heart


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