Beeh's Latest Obsession: In the end, I can only see you.

So I have taken a little hiatus and while Im still busy with so much going on and trying to prioritize, my love of blogging I have taken to appreciate it again. Im dying to go to H&M again, so I can show off my favorite new things but I have taken more to thrift shopping these days....

I for one have always done thrifting but its become a staple these days. The thrill of find something you know is so valuable, and for less, and IN YOUR SIZE? SCORE.

Well, I will have to show you guys those images in my next post but in this one I am so obsessed over the utilitarian. militia looks. Actually I have been since 2007 since I still have an army style blazer sitting in my closet, which occasionally sees the day. But I have never thought about it this way...

Leather Sleeve Utility Jacket? Like OMG, Edgy and I can rock it anyway I want. Plus im still reeling from the Burberry Leather Sleeve Trench and Their other jackets, the leather sleeve is a sickness right now for me! Hehehe.
I stalked out stores offline and online for the best price. I found this one from a seller in the UK, its by Atmosphere. I think sold in Primark , not sure. But I got it for about $79 US.

I just like the way its so cool. Light for lighter days and the room enough to wear a chunky sweater and still cool on cold, runny nose days? And the neck candy is good with it.
Trust me, I tried on about every scarf I have with it.
I am too obsessed.

I am definitely doing my Insanity workouts and continuing that avenue right now, because its such a long time interest for me.
And.......... I am starting to eat like a Vegetarian / Vegan like 1-2 times a week.
I thank my vegan friends and mother for their input. 

Also enjoying these lovely pair of Ferragamos . They are mums, a little tight but a little discomfort for style is nothing.

Finally, this is one of my thrift finds. Got it for $8. This gorgeous pair of Vera Wang Lavender flats is my favorite pair of flats right now! My first pair of shoes from Vera Wang and counting officially. Im a fan.

Now Im going to reassemble the Beeh Adventures Fans and find all of my favorite readers again! Love you! In actuality, you guys are one of my obsessions! Haha.

~Kaye Beeh


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.