Burberry Rocker

So I have been so busy, bad blogger! *slaps hand* I shall punish myself with a ban from going to Jamba Juice the next week. Or maybe the week after ;)

Anyways, one of these trench coats, I love. Its from Burberry, its called the Bead Crochet Trench Coat.

Costs $4995. Pretty hefty, but this is a lovely quality. Jacquard style of fabric and the details look so hand-done. (handmade).

Can you imagine someone wearing these with some black skinny jeans or those cargo skinny pants. And then some lovely gold or black glitter color TOMS SHOES.

I want this. So I have made it my mission, my next Beeh Adventure to make the "FASH FOR LESS" style. I shall head out and start the hunt for a jacket like this and creative the perfect outfit I speak of!

~Kaye Beeh

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