A little bit of Hermes in my life...

So lately I have been busy with school, the adventures of the transition of mild winter to a lovely starting spring. So Id love to show off my new babies from Hermes. But first a look into the ultimate love of my life:

Frozen Yogurt DIY Bars. I just love the way you can add as many of any toppings as you want. This specific one was: Cake Batter flavored yogurt, then toppings are M&Ms, Fruity Pebbles, Cap'n Crunch, and Fresh Strawberries.

Then here is the Hermes lot!

:D The Collier Chien Bracelet from months ago.
And my two new babies, Clic Clacs the slim and large band ones. In both Black and Red, in GHW.

My next one is the Hermes classic orange in the slim clic bracelet but with silver hardware this time.

but I cant wait for the springtime and summertime exercising, outdoor bootcamps, the cooler outfits, and just doing things that you love. The cool breeze and flip flops I wore last Thursday with my Red clic bracelet was evidence of that. Even though classes dont end until May, I am going to enjoy this year. I feel it is going to be.

~Kaye Beeh


  1. We have 3 froyogurt places here, but none of them have any cereal toppings. Just traditional ice cream ones.


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