Salute :D

Its a new year, a new leaf. I hope everyone had a great christmas and new years eve. Didnt anyone else catch the great sales? I got a lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs ruffle blouse for $55 dollars. How nice is that! But anyway, resolutions are made, I know I have made mine.

= Live a healthier lifestyle.
= Go to a healthier lesser weight.
= Get my hands on a Alexander Wang Studded Purse.
= Enjoy more leisure.
= Explore the world and be thankful for everything.
= Wear a sequin top without laughter. (lol, inside joke!)
= Be more open with people.
= Be free.

As also part of my new year mission is take more photos of images i find to be cool and inspirational, and basically mention songs.

Today's song is the soundtrack to my life right now:

"Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn & John.

Also! I found a great black "leather" blazer by Charlotte Ronson for I heart Ronson series at a sale for only 12 dollars. Lucky great find! I also bought a pair of trousers by piazza sempione!~ Yay for small boutiques and Jcpenny! :)

I hope everyone has a good year!

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