Skingraft Slayith Thy Soul

I just love the way Skingraft makes these raw cutting edge pieces that are so cool, gorgeous black shapes with textural play, make for excellent layering, and creates an all new way to meld clothing to your body.

The prices are very moderate, not too expensive. And the way basics are done and how lovely the material used is, makes me want to come back to this brand more and more.

So sick, I ordered that last one with the neck buckle. How long it is and its such a good versatile layering piece. That one is the Long Knit Cardigan, here.

The 1st one is the Crossover Zip Cardigan in Black, with the sickest funnelneck!

2nd one is the Terry Lace Up Dress is Grey, I wouldnt wear as a dress but a great long over sweater with some jeans! Or maybe as a dress with some sick tights and a good biker boots.

3rd is the Hooded Sweater Cardigan. I love how cozy it is and laid back chic.

~Kaye Beeh

~Kaye Beeh

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