Fun in 2 Ways: 1 Blouse - Refinery 29 Pick Old Navy Zip Neck Blouse

Once every week, I tend to take out all of my clothing from my closet, well most that I can get out before getting winded, and putting together looks, basically mixing and matching. One of my blouses that I have had for a year and never wore was this Windowpane color block Zip Neck by Old Navy, it was a Refinery 29 pick, when they had the collaboration style series with Old Navy, I figured its cute.

Finally, shopping my closet and trying to wear out my clothing more, came up with two similar but different itemed looks that really brings out my style with this top.

First one, 
I paired it with a pair of denim ripped at the knees only and dark colored espadrilles making a simple but city-edge look, not as edgy as the next one but clean enough.

Jeans: Gap 1969 Always Skinny
Shoes: Chanel

The second one, decided to do a little bit more edge and deconstruction and added an even more distressed pair of denim in a lighter color with colorful sneakers. A bit more out there but awesome.
Denim: Gap 1969
Sneakers: Lanvin

And what I love is I can wear it with either pair of sneakers, both are fun so why not!

Thats honestly the best thing, shopping your closet and mixing and matching things.

~Kaye Beeh


Xoxo, Thanks for reading.