Space NK Apothecary: A little bit of Mio and Diptyque

After I had a job interview, I went to Space NK, since I havent been in months, to check out their brick and mortar store, instead of the one located in Bloomingdales. Plus I went to replenish my Diptyque Tubereuse candle, since that is my favorite one!

Lets say, I ended up leaving refreshed with more than just 1 candle.

The Soho location here in NYC, has such lovely sales associates, some and not all. Thanks to, whom I believe was the manager, that helped with my purchases and offered such lovely gifts with my candle purchase. The mini perfume vials of different Diptyque flavors and a mini candle of CHOISYA, which I am completely sold on and would buy the 190g of.

And course, the mini hand and arm massage and treatment from Ms. Noble of the mio skincare company. I had to buy the gym kit because I avidly workout and go to the gym and these are really essential. The workout wonder is a nice relaxing muscle recovery gel, great for spots that feel sore and tired post lactic acid build up. And the Cleanse mint wipes that are great for refreshness until you reach home and can shower!

When I got home, I did order The Activist body oil because it felt so nice to use a non-greasy oil for my dry skin that has omegas and is good for you!

Overall, I had a great experience and could see myself discovering more and more new things to try. 

~Kaye Beeh

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