Prabal Gurung x Target : The Mashup

Imagine my surprise when we finish through the Neiman Marcus x Target Collab for the holidays, we have sifted through only a month after 70% off markdowns on Oscar De La Renta Canvas Totes and Phillip Crangi Photo Frames, to find out that in 2 to 3 weeks, the Prabal Gurung Collection for Target will unleash on February 10th. Usually I know about them in advance but this one caught my Rag and Bone clad behind off guard!

Image courtesy of Fashionista

Its not going to be endowed in high pricing like the previous Target x Neiman Marcus collab but values of Target collab past. With the occasional one or two items being about $150. Rest around $49.99 and under.

It will be 80+ items, so get those pennies, nickels and quarter out of the couch and into your talking coin counter.

Refinery 29 has the official lookbook available here: Prabal x Target

A couple of looks that I am loving from the impending collection:

And you can forget the accessories:

This one looks like its going to be a success. Lets hope the fabric is good value and we dont look like floral mushrooms but looking fresh to death in floral. I will recap on this when I go on opening day to sift through and try things! Get your Keds on because this one could be a monster~

~Kaye Beeh


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  3. Looovei t so much ;)

  4. I may have to find a loophole to my shopping freeze for this day o_O


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  5. I think it's great for him, but have yet to find a collab at Target that isn't using cheap fabric. Hoping this one is different!
    xo Mary Jo


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