Beeh takes on Target x Neiman Marcus Collab

So today was the release of the eventful Target x Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection Collaboration, where many people lined up from store opening but I lived it more from at home. I woke up forgetting all about it until I went into my email and got a reminder I sent to me. I did productive things like workout at my mini home gym (area with space in room that has 2 pairs of dumbbells, 2 medicine balls, and a shelf full of workout dvds) but i digress.

I never made it to Target until 8pm this evening where I spotted some of the things online in person and let me tell you first hand, they look great! That Oscar De La Renta White Tote, is pretty, id buy for my mother or Aunt. The Altuzzara Shaker and Glasses look so amazing. They did not have some of the items like the Proenza Schouler Sweatshirt, the Letter Opener, and other knicksknacks.

They had a couple of Thom Browne Blazers, Marc Jacobs Pouches, the MJ Scarves, the Derek Lam Shoes, Caroline Hererra Travel Bags, The Alice and Olivia Bike and Luggage, the Marchesa Girls dresses, the Proenza Schouler Ipad Sleeve, The Derek Lam Skateboards, only one DVF Yoga Mat left, three Tory Burch lunchboxes left, and one thermos.
Lets say that im the lucky last one to get the Thermos at my nearest Target and one of the Lunch Boxes.

Im definitely going back for the Rag & Bone Sweater for 69.99$ My size is there so why not. Its such good quality, I cant believe it. And the DVF Jewelry box is lovely but I already have my Glassed one.

The Proenza Schouler Ipad Sleeve is gorgeous, might get that 49.99$

All in all, Im pleasantly surprised about the collab, its good quality items better than some of the other target designer collab. Im going back this week and shopping it online.

My outfit for today was the Adventure look.
Sweater: Uniqlo
Tshirt: M Comics.
Jeans: Sasson
Sneakers: Hogan

~Kaye Beeh


  1. this new target collection looks great- i love knick knack sort of things :)
    thank you for the kind comment

  2. nice pictures! xo, Alma

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