Redecorating and Inspiration

Sorry guys, I have been so busy moving things around and redecorate, along with the whims of college to even write.
Where do I start, still have reviews of things to do but first, I leave you with images from my trip to IKEA for inspiration!

I want a art mural panel like this next to my windows what do you think?

Here is a couple of internet images, I love the homely design yet so mordern.

Nightstand with a vintage trunk is a nice touch.

Vanity in bathroom, dont have the space but i never get tired of seeing this photo.

The wallpaper and prints! OH MY

Storage idea i have for my windows.

See the mirrored dresser, I dream of it.

And finally picture from my casino adventure win. If I had bet maximum, I would have walked away even happier.

~Kaye Beeh

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  1. Oh I just so love Ikea! I could buy half of the stuff from there:D


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